What We Do

We understand that each client is unique, so we work hard to identify the best services and options on a case by case basis.  Whether you are a seasoned executive who wants to reach that pinnacle in your career, a student hoping to grab the attention of recruiters, or a photographer who wants to position yourself into a very brand specific niche of photography we can help.

Each person’s path is different and so no “one size fits all” mentality is even possible in personal branding.  Imagine trying to apply principles that work well with a seasoned executive seeking to earn that C-suite spot to a young artist preparing to release his first album.  It just doesn’t work and nor should it.  Each person is unique in their own right and each strong brand stands out because it is UNIQUE as well.


So where do we begin?  That depends on the person.  By far, the most common first step is to determine the client’s brand as it stands today.  Every single person has a personal brand even if they had no idea the concept of “personal brand” existed.  Yep.  That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you consciously work on a personal brand or just plain exist – you have one. 


Your Personal Brand is the footprint you leave on the world and in the hearts and minds of people who know you. A strong personal brand leaves a footprint on those people you hope will take notice and remember you. It’s your Legacy.

Kristine Pierce, Founder KH Pierce Consulting

We can determine where a brand stands, and what is missing, in a number of ways. The most effective way is via a 360Reach assessment.  Reach certified analysts are trained to use this tool to achieve insights into a person’s current brand by analyzing the results and coaching clients through exercises. We can uncover the brand and discover underlying brand traits that are perceived by many groups (the current personal brand) and what traits may be missing (which the client thought or hoped would be there) and why.  We can then formulate a strategy to achieve the client’s goals.


Yep!  Lucky you, we’re certified!

For others, there’s no need to uncover a current personal brand because their goal may not rely on the actual brand itself but only a missing component.  This would occur when, for instance, a client has a thriving business but wants to rebrand to focus more on one area such as a baker rebranding to be a premiere wedding cake baker. In this instance, the baker will probably already have her commercial brand established with a business logo and steady clientele but isn’t well known for her wedding cake skills.  Since she doesn’t want to lose her current clientele or only do wedding cakes, she won’t want a commercial rebranding only a personal rebranding that will include a specialty for which she would like to be known.

For an executive, a student, or even the baker, a personal branding strategy  may, or may not, include personal branded social media, personal bios, elevator pitches, branded calling cards with branded colors, LinkedIn optimization, etc. Since we are not a “jack of all trades” we may or may not use graphic artists, IT specialists, photographers, printers, videographers, and social media managers.  Based on a limited budget the client may decide to go DIY. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.

As you can tell, personal branding strategists use a little executive coaching, social branding, marketing, public relations, writing, editing, communications, image and executive presence consulting and even hand holding. But, above all, we are master strategists who can look at an overall picture and put together various pieces and bring in missing pieces to create a unique and authentic brand.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients taking into consideration the client’s personality, skills and weaknesses. Our overall commitment is to help our clients get to a point where they “exude” an authentic, and therefore strong, personal brand.

Speaking on authenticity, if you don’t stay authentic to who you are, you will never have a strong and enduring brand.  At least, you won’t have a strong brand for long.  That’s because brands that are created based on a “facade”will never survive.  You can only live a lie for so long.  If you are looking to “recreate” yourself into something you’re not, don’t expect to get results and don’t automatically expect we would be a good fit.

If you’re interest has been caught, feel free to contact me for further information.


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