Optimizing LinkedIn

At its inception, in 2003,  LinkedIn was viewed, first and foremost, as an online method of viewing current resumes and nothing more.  Professionals who had resumes worth their weight flocked to create a LinkedIn page and upload their credentials.  For others, who weren’t looking for a job, nor ambitious enough to care at the time, figured they would pass on LinkedIn or promptly forgot it existed figuring it would go nowhere.  For the most part, the active user on LinkedIn was the active job seeker who used LinkedIn not to find a job but to chauffeur possible employers to their sterling resumes found there.

Fast forward to 2017 and note the 467+ million active users around the world. The LinkedIn of today is no longer the resume depository of a decade ago. It is fast becoming the single most useful social site for career minded folk from executives to administrative assistants to chefs and photographers. LinkedIn is the place to be to stay current on industry trends, attract the ideal client/employer, showcase thought leadership and generally stay in touch with ever growing networks that you wouldn’t be able to if you had to rely on physical meetings alone as networking of yesteryear demanded.

For those “in the know”, LinkedIn is an essential and daily part of their professional lives and most of these individuals are currently and happily employed and thriving in their careers. Part of the reason is that today we see more and more influential and successful people taking an active role in career management.  Managing a career is very different than updating a resume or sending out cover letters and looking for employment.  It is managing your career identity, day by day, through various methods in person, on paper, via multi media and socially online. An essential aspect of this management for most careers is a current and effective LinkedIn profile.

Here at KH Pierce Consulting, when LinkedIn optimization is a part of the personal and/or social branding experience, we will evaluate your overall LinkedIn profile, usage, and involvement. We will prepare a strategy that will optimize your LinkedIn based on your experience, interests and career objectives by prioritizing recommendations for you to complete and offering explanations and primers for any questions or uncertainty. As part of our coaching, we go over LinkedIn basics and current trends. Our involvement can end there with a simple LinkedIn Optimization package. Or we can create a custom package for you.  The sky is the limit!

If you’re thinking, “what about me?  I have no experience with LinkedIn at all and don’t even have a profile”.  You’re not alone and we have you covered.  We can help you set up your profile and get you started. We can also help you write and edit portions of your profile if you need us to be there with that little “extra” to help you on your way.

Contact us to today to find out more about how we can help you with your LinkedIn.






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