Branding the details

It’s the little things that close the deal.  Image branding has little to do with how a person looks (although dressing for the part and body language do have an impact) and a lot to do with presenting a cohesive and recognizable style. It is how you “exude” your brand.

There are three steps in a personal branding workup. The first step in personal branding is “extracting” information about where your current brand stands,  and tightening up your vision, mission and target audience. The second step is defining and targeting methods to “express” and enhance your authentic brand. The final step in branding is how you “exude” your brand. This is the most creative and distinct area of personal branding because it allows for ways to show a creative and personal style and it is within this final step that we deal with image branding.

Here are some areas that might be explored in a personal branding workup:

Color Branding: Do your brand colors align with your brand. How will you exhibit this branding?  Color is perhaps the most important element in expressing and exhuding your brand.  Because people subconsciously identify colors with different emotions or feelings, color can influence how people view you and what you represent to them.  Color is also easily memorable.  Think of Coca Cola’s logo, or Starbucks’ logo.  You may not remember the font exactly but you can probably remember the distinctive colors. It’s the same with people and their personal brands, personal logos, personal stationary, etc.

Consistent imagery : Is your brand recognizable on all fronts – social, communications, marketing, networking?  Does your dress style enhance the picture you want to project? Do you utilize a consistent and cohesive message in your materials?  Do you use your colors wisely and consistently?  Do you consider fonts and types of pictures when you post on Facebook?  What makes your imagery unforgettable? Are your cards showing your brand well?  It’s all in the details.

Office Space and Style:  Are you presenting a unified and consistent image here?

Marketing: The types, look and feel of marketing materials matter.  It isn’t about an advertising campaign in personal branding, or presenting a designed logo on everything, so much as it is about a recognizable and logical flow from brand to marketing materials.  We don’t build a campaign or shoot the commercial. We don’t come up with the words you will post on Facebook or Instagram.  But we will create a strategy for you to use as a guideline when you hire out or DIY your own materials. You want to tighten up your game here so that marketers, employees, business consultants, designers, image consultants, social media managers and the like all understand that what they produce and advise adheres to this consistent branding.

Photos: How will you use photos and what types of photos?  Will you need branded photoshoots to create a feel or a simple branded profile pic used across all personal media?

Resumes and Cover Letters:  Are your job search and career management materials not only up-to-date but branded as well?  Are you at risk of being seen as outdated and irrelevant?

Each person is unique and so each person will require different image branding.  Some will need all of the above and others only one.  We work with clients and formulate strategies taking into account the individual interests, skills, comfort levels, and needs. Our strategies are built from the ground up and we don’t use a fill-in-the-blank formula.





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