Authentic Brand

Authenticity is the key to strong personal branding.  If you aren’t true to yourself and who you are, ultimately the stress of maintaining a false personal brand will lead to failure.  One of the ways we can help you show your personal brand is by helping you to create different, yet consistent and authentic, ways to introduce yourself in any given situation.  If you don’t know who you are, exactly what you have to offer or want to offer, and how you do it better or differently, you’re going to trip up your words and sound confusingly inconsistent.  To put it simply: your personal branding messages must be consistent and authentic and we help you do just that.

In a full personal branding workup, we help you extract everything you can concerning your current brand and coach you into identifying your values, passions, vision and mission.  You will evaluate your strengths and weakness.  When this has been accomplished, we help you draft different statements and introductions that exemplify your strengths and your unique promises of value.  We help you create statements to keep you focused and which are for your private use such as personal branding statements. We help you create statements that give a teaser to instigate curiosity about who you are such as elevator pitches and tag lines.  We help you create long summaries of why you are great and what you have done and continue to offer by crafting 3D brand bios that can be translated in different formats to fit your social media, resumes, introductions to keynote talks.

In other words, we coach you into creating authentic representations of your personal brand so you can stress less about how you are going to introduce yourself or be seen for the first time and focus more on delivering your promise of value.

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