What is 360Reach?

360Reach is the world’s first and leading personal brand survey. It was designed by Personal Branding Guru William Arruda for Reach – the global leader in personal branding. As a Reach certified 360Reach analyst, I analyze the 360Reach feedback and coach my clients through their results.  We help clients understand their professional reputation as it stands today by evaluating their personal brand.  With this knowledge we can help clients take action as a result of what they learn about themselves through this powerful survey tool.

360Reach has been used by nearly a million people around the world and is installed at many of the world’s largest and most respected companies (American Express, British Telecom, GE, IBM, J&J, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starwood Hotels, Target, Warner Bros, etc.).  It has also been used at NYU Stern, Duke Fuqua, Cornell Johnson, UCLA, UC Berkeley Haas, Wharton, Parson’s School of Design, Fordham and Thunderbird and at many other universities around the world. 360Reach clients span the globe.

360Reach enables you to get the true story about how you are perceived by those around you.  With 360Reach, you get information about your brand attributes (personality characteristics), skills, leadership competencies, strengths, weaknesses and team roles.  You learn how your self-perceptions differ from the perception of those who know you. You may THINK you know what people see and understand about you but what you feel you exhibit may not be what people see.

This tool gives you the insights you need so you can correct misconceptions,  build your brand (the brand called YOU) with your strongest qualities and expand your success.  Whether that success means positioning yourself for your dream job, enhancing your leadership, increasing your influence, or building your business, knowing where you stand now is invaluable and imperative in order to formulate a plan of action where each step is material and no time or energy is wasted.

What You Will Receive From a KH Pierce Consulting 360Reach Analysis

We have a comprehensive program that will help you understand your brand from the outside in so you can achieve the goals you want.  For most clients, personal branding starts right here. In order to achieve a strong personal brand, you need to know how your brand is viewed today – RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  Yes, you really do have a brand already in place.  You just need to figure out exactly what that brand exudes.

You get:

⇒    A 360Reach Premium Account – with a Premium Account you will have a 45 day membership with the opportunity to poll as many people as you would like.  You will also receive a complete 20 page custom report and access to the 360Reach system for a full year so that you can input your action commitments, which we will identify and formulate together, and track your progress.  Following through with what you learn is a key component to creating a strong personal brand.

⇒    A Comprehensive Workbook – Depending upon the final package, you may receive a 20 page workbook which helps you record your thoughts about the feedback you received. It was designed as a fillable PDF so you can complete it online or on a printed version.  For others, we will work through some pertinent worksheets while we evaluate the feedback.

⇒    Live Coaching Sessions with Kristine –   In these sessions I will work with you to refine what you have learned and turn learning into action.  For most clients, this means a minimum of 2 coaching sessions. The first session we work through the feedback and what this means.  The second session we work at brainstorming ways and methods that you can enhance your current brand, as it is seen today, so that it better reflects who you are and where you want to go.  We formulate some action commitments to get you started.  After that, it’s purely a client driven relationship tailored specifically to client needs and requests.

Not local?  No problem.  These coaching sessions can be done via telephone or video – whichever works best for you.

Contact me to find out if this is the right starting point for you and for further information on 360Reach packages and pricing.  

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