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What Exactly is a Personal Brand?

One of the first things people ask me, besides “why would I want to change careers,” when they find out I’m an attorney turned personal branding strategist is “what does that mean?”  After numerous attempts at trying to explain what personal branding strategy is, I soon realized what they should have asked me was “what is a personal brand?” Read More

A Primer for Getting Started on LinkedIn

If you’ve decided you need to be on LinkedIn to help manage your career and personal brand but are hesitant about what is required and what you need to do, you’re in the right place! Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a SAHM

Many of us, as children, dreamed of being mothers when we grew up.  It was so simple. We were going to find the prince and marry him, live in a big castle (or house depending on how practical you were as a child) and have as many kids as we wanted.  Oh, and don’t forget, while we were at it we would be a super star and make tons of money in our own right.  Easy Peasy.  Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Discount Group Networking for Growing Your Brand

Here’s a blog post about group networking that I wrote last year but never got around to publishing.  Although my business and goals have continued to transform since then, the gist of the message still stands strong and true.

I have a million things to do and an agenda that does not include writing at the moment but here I am.  I learned a few things about group networking this morning and thought I should share.

Let me guess, you’re one of the thousands who are intimidated by group networking. Here’s why you need to include group networking in your personal brand strategy.

Group networking is still essential for everyone who is serious about advancing their career or business. Read More